Oct 24, 2005

Coffee, tea or zee

Here’s a spoilt water cooler, bloody dead already for 3 months. Lkp_102305_001

Complaint to college admin, refered to UM Bendahari & Harta Benda… Still no news… Pengetua mentioned some students kicked it, and now it is spoilt, so it can’t be repaired.

Students = scapegoats. Mekkkkk!!!

This morning, I met my junior who travelled a great distance from H block down to my block just to collect water from another functional water cooler. He mentioned that the most of the water cooler in his block is brewing milo constantly. Darn… that’s the same condition that I had when I stayed in block H 3 years ago.

Why do we need a water cooler, if it is not functional? When will they stop blaming Jabatan Bekalan Air Selangor for the milo, kopi, or nescafe?

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