Oct 26, 2005

“Pissed to death” SAGA: Part 2

Not a continuation from the first part of the saga. But if it makes you wonder about it, here it is, the first part.

No disgusting annoying photos in this entry. No exhibition of middle finger. No intended vulgarities as a whole.

OK, fellow intellects and fair citizen out there, now, dig this -

UM medical faculty is having a major tu lan dinner at shangrila hotel, called the tu lan centennial dinner, with other respectable rich members of the UM medic alumni, Drs and Profs. They are combining with other 3 faculties - nursing, biomed and pharmacy. It’s RM60 for interested student, RM100 for others. They had a major lan ciao problem - lack of attendance from medical student. We don’t dig lan ciao buffet dinner at lan ciao big hotel, unless it is a drug talk, where it is lan ciao free. We are not gullible beings, but we are downright not that well-off. Plus, we needed to spend around RM1000 just for the text books and stuff. Then the dean, made it lan ciao compulsory for the all the medical students to go, from first years up to final years. Plus the lan ciao dinner is in the middle of our raya holiday, meaning we need to fork out extra bucks for the lan ciao bus fare, and spoil our holiday plan. Now, latest order from dean, if we not going also have to pay lan ciao RM30 per head. For what? lan ciao ar. Plus according to Don, our respectable batch leader, dean mentioned 2 extra points:

1 If the head of family is supporting this, why can’t the rest of the family support? (pilothougthts: head of family is suppose to protect us, be the breadwinner, supportive and understanding of our situation, not screwing us for money or forcing us pay RM30 for nothing, unless of course, if the head of family is into the ALONG business)

2 If other students from other (presumedly lower) courses can go, why can’t we? We’ll will be earning more than them next time. (pilothoughts: but for now, I am still a son to a down-to-earth metal engraver, a typical borderline middle class student, taking partial scholarship from Tan Cheng Lock, somehow similar to 60% of other students, regardless of what course they are in. I agree the students last time are generally poorer than the students nowadays, but we are still poor, and not everyone of us feels damn elated spending bucks that we did not earn)

Sorry for the sudden outburst of vulgarities… Tourette syndrome probably… I getting help liao… Thanks for the concern.

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