Jul 26, 2005

will the real SMART ASS, please stand up!!

Rushing through…

Had pretty tight schedule at emergency medicine. Had another ambulance run last saturday for 2 indian fellows… drunk fellows who skidded on their motorcycle and bang into one another.

Now, currently in opthalmology aka eye posting, but having the postponed viva tomorrow. Tomorrow also going to the asian medical student’s association health checks, meeting delegates from all over asia including taiwan, japan, china, bangladesh, pakistan… all of them preclinical. My group members are See Wie, Peng Peng and Nurul Suhaiza posted at Taman Seri Manja - we will be coordinating the other delegates and start writing appropriate referral letters prn (pro re nata).

Had to train hard daily now for inter-college team in ping pong, plus becoming the team manager together with my coursemate King Chong being the superb coach. Hopefully, with blessings, will have a medal in this sport in my final year in uni.

Asss Will the real smart ass please stand up!! Recently heard a lot of stories, real stories about smart asses among the medical personnels, and being there myself to see a smart ass in action. I start wondering: Had I ever been a smart ass before? Or will I turn into one someday in the future?

  • Death of a famous female athlete, because the smart ass dr does not believe the patient,
  • Death of an uncle with abdominal distension, because the smart ass dr refuse to believe the nurses,
  • Unattended fracture of the ankle, because the smart ass nurse refuse to believe the misalignment of the ankle as mentioned by the passer-by.
  • Increase morbidity of patient because the smart ass medical students refuse to pass the chance to illicit the ‘interesting’ signs.

Pain & suffering & death more and more is caused by smart ass people nowadays. Have you had any encounter with any smart ass lately? I believe smart asses are everywhere in every field, and they come in various level of IQ, mostly high.

In conclusion, my birthday wish for this year: Hope that I will never ever be a smart ass, and also wishes everyone I care and around me to be ’smart ass’-free.

Gonna share a few touching lines from a birthday letter to me, from my senior, a 4th year senior when I was 1st year, Dr. Lim Kai Inn, currently at Hospital JB.

It is definite important to learn facts but we don’t need a smart ass to make you doctor. Learning fact is very much different from seeing a patient, a patient that has a life like you and me.

Look around and understand your life first.

Find the truth of life, before you put your hand onto the dying body and suffering soul!

Study your book and mean times study your life as well.

P/S surprised he brought up the ’smart ass’ word. As if we had telepathic link. the letter is longer, but I shall kept the more private sides of the letter to myself for the time being.

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