Aug 10, 2005

heaven on earth

_40673298_haze3220 _40673306_petronasap220_1 _40673304_pedestriansafp300 It is heaven on earth… again. Or at least, it look like heaven, but it damn darn feel like hell now. All the thick haze coming down on your face, chewing up your skin, your nasal epithelium, your conjunctiva, your respiratory tract endothelium, your alveolus and all. Life really sucks this few days. Body becoming more lethargic & brain becoming increasingly stupor at one time or another. Luckily, I had my mask on - the nice black one I got from elective in Taiwan. Comes in handy - washed it every night, instead of harvesting on the resources of the hospital i.e. the disposal mask. My room was also hazy to a certain degree, had to steam my room at night, just to keep it less appalling. I boiled water, closed my windows temporarily & let them vaporize. My room did not become heaty surprisingly, instead it was nice & cosy. Kind of turning my room into a croup tent with humidified air.

To tell you the truth, some people could not have been more idiotic. I saw few of the hospital workers actually smoking in the nice little garden behind the hospital in the thick haze that we are having. Perhaps smokers had an illusion that they looks cooler with all the haziness around them while they smoke. They would never guess how much cooler they would look when they had haziness over their lungs in chest X-ray in the near future.

We had this problem every year. But still, there were no preparation by the local authority to tackle this problem, beside reporting the API over the media profusely and declaring holidays. What kind of idiots nincompoops morons pathetic losers professionals are working at the government sectors? No offence to other government servants who are working their ass off to bear the blame together with the idiots nincompoops morons pathetic losers professionals. They can only blame the weather, blame Indonesia, blame our luck, blame our destiny or better they can tell people that this is actually a blessing in disguise. Yes, the blessing is really well-camouflaged. My foot (forgive me, this is one of my stuporous attack). Just look at the pride of our country, KL tower and twin tower above. Our government is just as blur as the view shown above. The pride that we all should be having for our country is to have clean air through out the year, every year and all, not about having the long pacifier and two ‘jagung’ sticking up our capital city.

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