Sep 28, 2005

Skinned alive by THI HAnnibal

Finished my surgery posting with an unforgettable long case, with the cheeky uro specialist, Thi Ha. Yep, he is the same guy that told us about "no pride in having a long ***** "

Sing Yee had obstructive jaundice

Helmi had upper GI bleed

Nadia had colorectal ca

Images_3 I had MALIGNANT MELANOMA. Oh gosh! I just briefly flipped through this topic in the morning - totally zielsch nil zero recollection about it.

the whole session was not depressing or pressure mounted, but felt like answering SAT (short answer test) in long case.

Dr. Thi Ha asked me about:

  • types of melanoma? beats me. benign and malignant?
  • what is subungual melanoma? i bullshitted about darkened skin or melanoma under nail bed, causing eversion of nail, deformed nail, may cause gangrene at the finger tip if circulation was affected. He laughed and told me only the first part is enough.
  • complication of TPN? knew the drill
  • types of radiotherapy? got the common types covered - PO, external beam, brachytherapy… missed out on IV for sarcoma
  • non-neoplastic diseases for radiotherapy? i knew Grave’s nia. then he reminded me of Gamma Knife for trigeminal neuralgia, epilepsy, AVM…
  • tumor lysis syndrome? knew about it, but could not answer completely
  • many many other question which knocked me down flat, really flat.

though, I learnt plenty of stuff from him

the most depressing thing is I am the last person to present my case.

Waiting there for hours and hours and hours and hours…

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