Dec 19, 2005

bringing god into the picture

TV Smith: As I was photographing some migratory birds in Bangi today, a grim layer of clouds descended. Bludgeoned blue retreated as swirling white sparred with turbulent black. An awesome scene unfolded before my eyes. God was drawing Malaysia. Before the island of Borneo became properly etched, He tossed his easel impulsively. It spilled rain, life and death onto the land below. The monsoon is here.


speaking of god… yesterday, i had the most furious day of my life. well, ok, not the most, i had worse times before.

here’s how it all happen… My posting group will be having anaest class every monday, 1:30pm. It is close to universal truth about the arrangement of this schedule. Yesterday, 2 of them told me they did not know about this class and asked why I did not remind them about the class in the morning(they urgently need to hire a nanny to remind them, since they are still behaving like a big baby. Can’t imagine them being a doctor, reminders from patients perhaps?!?!). The schedule of class was stated so since the beginning of time (at the first or second day of posting, meaning 4 weeks ago).

Even so, I tolerated the childishness and informed them that class is starting at 1:30pm when I arrrived at OT at that time. I waited patiently together with 2 other groupmates, with the lecturer from anaesthesiology department in the OT. They came at 2:20pm. (To calculate how late they are: 2:20pm - 1:30pm = 50 minutes). The lecturer was a benign one.

Makcik A & B : We don’t know about the class.

Me: I was stated since the start of posting, others(my two groupmates with me) know about it.

Makcik A: No lar, you didn’t tell me this morning. (signs that she urgently need a nanny)

Me: Ok, but I called and sms-ed you at 1:30pm, why so late?

Makcik A: I sembahyang lar….

Me: (silent mode)
(feeling: obviously furious "everyone knows you don’t need 50 minutes to sembahyang")

N.B. not a single word of "sorry" to the people who had been patiently waited for them.

I am buddhist, and I believe in Gods, plenty of them in heaven, not believing in particular creator God. But she is an avid believer of her own one and only God. But I found it most annoying and disgraceful for someone to bring god into the picture. One of the groupmates that were present with me at 1:30pm had skipped lunch (I don’t know why, as we had no class that day from 11:00 am onwards) and gone for prayers just to make it to the anaest class. He is not a dilligent guy, but he never ever bring God into his own mistakes or errors.

The same thing also happened during my O&G on-call days (few months ago), where Makcik A wanted to have extra 30 minutes of break more than others, because she had to "sembahyang". Of course, I courteously rejected her suggestion.

I bear no grudges to Makcik A as a whole, as I always know that she is good girl generally, and this attitude of bringing god into the picture is somehow over the line, way OVEEERRRRR….

Someone should talk to her. I believe there will be someone who’s reading this, and that someone will tell her. (To someone: Thanks)

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