Dec 22, 2005

kisah di avicenna


few days ago, i nearly got mugged. i came back to college to get some stuff at around 9:30am and i was in the room, leaving my door closed but not tightly closed. A malay guy opened my door and saw me. He responded "Roslan adakah?" I know he is lying, but he was bigger than me. Wrestling him down may cost me a fracture or some other traumatic soft tissue injury. I was alone in the whole block. Therefore, I just keep cool, holding a mug (not seen by him) and pretended to ask further in the most casual manner, just to complete my inspection (the next time i meet with him, I could recognize him easily). He backed out of my room.

me: siapa roslan?

villain: dia pelajar tahun 2, medic.

me: oh, tak kenal lar

villain: dia pemain hoki

me: tak ada lar, tak ada pelajar tahun kedua main hoki. you dari mana?

villain: i dari API (akademi pengajian islam). tak apa, i cari sendiri. terima kasih (and he cabut)

I reported this matter to the office. And the makcik at the office told me prior to this, there was already a case of stolen wallet and handphone in the lower floor. Why aren’t all the occupants being forewarned?

I told the makciks at the office to paste a notice. They said "ok". But that "ok" seems to be a malaysian "ok", meaning the notice will probably be out after a rough estimation of another 5 to 10 cases of theft at the college.

The makciks also asked me to write a report, a formal one.

Ingat saya sangat senang ke? formal lagi?

Wouldn’t it be easier if i report it to police? at least the police will type the report for me.

nearly being mugged is not a disaster, spending 5 minutes with that 2 makciks is.

a better word for disaster is malapetaka. you can feel it.

- words from Dr. Kwan


  • the water cooler near my room is ALIVE AGAIN!!!
  • i’m nominated as one of the contender in Mr.Personality at our MPIS nite. (some sort of prom night). I know I won’t win. I am just being there to pad up the number of nominees. But still, I am happy that my eventual defeat will make that winner feel better about himself, and I wish him well.
  • Xmas night was a great success last night. great decorations, great activities. great job, guys!

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