Dec 27, 2005

xmas down south

everyone loves Christmas (no offense, Muslims), even though you don’t know what the heck it is for (no offense, non-christians, most of you all really don’t).

The reason probably why xmas is so popular perhaps would be it is the only other season besides Chinese New Year that someone would have the privilege to wear red, or perhaps it is a time where somehow it seems like everyone is having a birthday. Everybody receiving gifts for everybody is always an unforgettable nice moment, unless of course, you find that

the process of thinking what to buy,

the process of going through shopping complexes to buy something,

or the process of forking out a great amount of money to buy so many gifts

is a truly agony too harsh to bear.

Anyway, xmas is xmas,

it is a season of green, white and red,

a season of xmas trees and santa clauses,

a season of snow,

a season of xmas carols,

a season of going places for holiday,

a season for wild shouting and countdown,

a season to count your blessings, etc…

my xmas was spent at orchard road, singapore. It was really a wild countdown and everyone was flocking around like there were gangfights all over orchard road. Everyone were there. The rich, the poor, the old, the children, the babies, the elated ones, the depressed ones, you name it, you got it.

this is my second time at singapore. my last time in singapore (>10years back) was also during xmas time, and was also at orchard road. At that time, the lightings were cool and great but the people were less wild. I remembered how my dad kept saying how wonderful to celebrate xmas at the orchard road, over and over and over and over again…. over and over again. Couldn’t recall how great it was back then, but the most significant thought about that trip was it was my first time on a plane, from Penang to Changi, Singapore.

This year, everything was wild and dangerous. Not snowing at the tropical country does not deter the ah bengs at singapore of mass importing the "snow in the can" and making the whole orchard road a war zone. It is actually looks like hairfoam in the aerosol can, going at the price of S$10 for 5 cans. People just blasted away the snow at one another like hong kong movies. One guy actually held the two cans as if he was holding 2 guns and as he shoots he SPINNED around. knuckle head. i suspect he was on pills on that night. Anyway, not just the youngsters were at it, even the middle aged (40-60years old) also bought several cans and shot around at everyone randomly enjoying the moment, perhaps de-stressing themselves from their everyday’s work. nice to see their participation. Foreigners got blasted like mad, and one actually turned into a walking snowman.

All this aerosol is from china, and they may be just some damn cheap stuff which is hazardous to health. i wonder whether any health or environmental officials care to check them out. no report about them so far. I googled about it.

Got lots of photos with some else’s camera, so will be uploaded later, much much later. wouldn’t risk bringing my palm camera into such a risky place.

The best thing about xmas this year was I celebrated it with someone special, and staying over at her sister’s place.

being a unpaid student, i made something special for her.



white xmas in a can. (CFC-free) - copyrights not reserved -


taking the train to Singapore



Xmas eve travelling - chinatown complex


Xmas night at my faculty - the most best that i had seen in 5 years. Cheers!!

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