Jan 21, 2006

case closed?

article 121 (1A) ruling
  • great climber’s soul being torn apart between the civil and syariah court
  • being torn apart by family and religion. right action? hmmmn…
  • non-muslims citizens got worried (but still got lots of responsibilities, therefore continue daily activities, putting faith on the chosen ones)
  • non-muslims ministers write it out in a memo instead of speak it out
  • action is after all louder than words. right action? yes!!
  • muslims citizens membantah by gathering around somewhere (nothing else better to do) and somewhere else (good alternative to picnicking harmlessly). right action? hmmmn…
  • pak lah stands strong closing the case on the 9 minister’s memo. right action? yes!!

where do we go from here?

"this is neither the end, nor the beginning of the end, IT IS THE END OF BEGINNING." Winston Churchill.

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