Jan 24, 2006

drama in geriatric ward

currently posted in geriatric ward and infectious ward… interesting, yes…

why? all the aunties and uncles enjoy talking to us… everything but the real condition that hits them badly… mainly their disease…

i end up taking a thorough social history for all my patients… today covering ward for tomorrow’s ward round with Prof Philip Poi….

medical problemwise, all my patients had multiple problems (as expected) and i do not really know where to start, or rather where to end… but i guess what really matters is that these patients at the end of the day, all their problems will be given a solutions which does not contradict with the other solutions to other problems and does not cause a new problem. huh? do reread and make sense out of it.

lots of drama here, especially about a tied-up uncle, kept howling "AAAEEEEE" since the evening hours. By night time, his voice is set to haunt everyone in the ward, be it the patients or the nurse. Several people seemingly had approached him, entertained his order and dealed with him, but nothing seems to work. I wa hoping as his energy runs out, so will his shoutings in the ward. I was wrong.

Apparently, another uncle confined to his own bed, asked me to talk to the howling uncle. "I think I am in the same position as him, he had been shouting for so long, why can’t anyone do anything for him" he said in a very weak manner.

I approached the howling uncle, and he babbled in some foreign language, which does not seems to be mandarin, hokkien, or english. He was bounded up, for some reason, fearing perhaps greater danger that may strikes him. When it all really make sense, all he was shouting is "AIR! AIR!" (water) And so, I gave him some water, and make a deal for him to sleep early. He promised me, in a way. But I remembered vividly, that previously, a nurse too gave him some water and it did not relieve his passion for creating a dolby monosyllables sound effects theater out of 13U. somehow, i hope everything will be fine later on.

tomorrow, instant clerking at 7am, and presenting at 8am to dr. norliza. paged her whole evening, no reply. getting the case tomorrow from her as well, probably at 650am.

i believe it is best to be busiest before my chinese new year break. miss my home greatly.


welcoming the year of DOG… p/s this is a LION dance, not a DOG dance…

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