Jan 30, 2006

steamed up for the K9 year

new year gathering dinner/tuan yuan fan:

with buddies: at strawberry hills, all present except for cheh in klang. due to time constraint, could not make it to klang to see him. Anyway, i guess he needed the extra time to study for his first clinical exam, end of posting exam in his first posting. had a great time chowing down great delicious food. photos with aik kheng and li ying. li ying (kept appearing in my blog as "buddy") still owes us all the photos of last buddyline gathering. He he.


with batchmates: steamboat buffet somewhere in sunway. jenny booked 4 tables altogether. no much of interaction between the tables except the times when we have to compete with one another for the chicken wing. I correct myself, for the delicious, BBQ, honey-crusted mouth watering chicken wings. Our table representative is Stephen Chieng and he was always consistent in getting a plate full of BBQ chicken everytime it was served. There were loud cheering everytime the chicken is being served. Seems rather barbaric, but i guess, most of us enjoy these moments. One table started off by having Poh Nee, See Wie, Peng Peng and Seen Yee, stripping off the 4 plates of full of prawns. While Fooji focussed more on getting the fishballs, meatballs, and other kind of balls. He is the yu-tan-lo, while I kept cooking the chicken eggs for others. At the end of the day, full like mad and my tummy look like it is of gravid uterus 6-7 months, breathless when standing straight.


with family: simple dinner at my house with my parents and sis, then went to my grandma’s place for ‘d’ grand gathering of steamboat, eating at a cosy pace and having wonderful quality time.Lowkp_012806_0102


with ex-schoolmates/Xavierians: bunch of stupid x idiot (SXI) people gather around and update about one another professional life, be it studying or working. we had a drink at winter warmer, gurney plaza, then the next day, baccarat at kuong lim’s residence and dinner of western food at the nearby fatty loh restaurant.

gathering at winter warmer of 20+ xavierians was somehow seems like a havoc, especially in paying the bill, or more explicitly, splitting the bill. but then again, i’m glad to see lots of people that were previously ‘lost’ from my social circle. it wouldn’t be fair to classify this meeting as havoc, perhaps it all seems like a game of musical chair, changing seat to chat up with almost everyone.

the baccarat or siam ban lak (siamese blackjack in hokkien) game at kuong lim’s place was also comical and truly an exciting time. this is the first time, his small garden compound squezzed in 8 cars, looking like a used-car company. "I never knew my house could fit so many cars." "you should actually start collecting parking fee". we took turns to be banker. some were obvious big winner, some otherwise, while some just won rm1 (the girl from indah water, jelutong) after 3 hours of game. i won enough to have a decent meal later on.

with my little cousin (lower primary) during cny:

ah boy: "you gamble?"

me: "yes"

ah boy: "doctors can gamble mer?"

me: "so, if you’re not doctors, you can gamble?"

ah boy: "…"

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