Mar 16, 2006



it’s late midnight. I pinch myself. Again. and again. and again.

the reality of things somehow seems pretty fiction to me.

Just came back from the graduation dinner (or better known as graduand* night). Kind of cool dinner. Coolest ever, i guess. This D&D (dinner and dance) actually have the dance component in it. Dancing was cool, as you can actually dance with all our profs. I really couldn’t imagine all this happening before my eyes. Sitting up, typing my resume for my interview next week with SPA Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam, and at the same time, enjoying myself with the series House MD - superb show. I didn’t write much that night.

thinking back, this afternoon was a total havoc. dean will be announcing the results of our final exam. we were all told to gather around 10am after receiving an SMS asking us to go to DK3 at once. we did just that, and we all ended up waiting 2 hours.

1225pm: Don Ismail aka the don (our class leader): "why don’t we all go for lunch and come back 2pm"

lunch at college was not fun. so i followed Pravin for a great meal of "chu yok" (the amazing pork) at taman megah. the shop actually have pork burger as well. before my first bite, my nokia 3330 made the usual squeal. big well-nourished body of the dean had finally dropped an anchor into podium of DK3. the "chu yok" convoy rushed through our meals and got our butt into DK3 as swift as possible. But I was late, too late. obviously. My name had already been called upon.

"I passed"

the reality of things somehow seems so fiction to me. this is indeed a great blessing.

Thanks dad, thanks mom, thanks Profs, Drs, and my colleague.

*yes, this word does exist, surprisingly




Thursday - taking the Hippocrates oath, a mini convo at our faculty


from them, i received the 46XY and the unconditional undying love.



one of my close friend - Dr. KC Chieng aka Lau Pan (the boss)

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