Mar 10, 2006


Final exam is finally over(pun intended).

Relieved? Song le yi kou qi? (loosen one breath? mandarin). More or less, I would say that I song le 0.8 kou qi. (+ 0.2 after my result)


Only one part of exam kept haunting me. That’s my long case.


Regrets. Not really, I had tried my best, I worked hard for it. Perhaps it is just luck that I had a poor historian as my patient. That’s the reality of life, i guess. Almost 80% of patients in the ward is considered to be poor historian, or else we won’t see those familiar words listed in the medical continuous sheets - trace old notes. Remind me of the famous hokkien song "Ai pneah chea eh eah"(Diligence will bring victory) - sar hun ti zu tia, chit hun kor pak pneah. (30% decided by the one above, 70% depends on striving)


It kept haunting me 24/7 but luckily it did not affect my short cases much, which was held at the late evening 4:50pm on last day of exam. I was in the last 2 group. Guess, I got so bored, so tired, so fed up of waiting and seeing all my coursemates one by one going off to holiday, that I could not wait to get in the exam hall and finish up. I did finish up well. Glad.


To all my friends, all my beloved mittas, my cute buddies, my medical compatriots and my dearest, thanks for the ‘good luck’ wishes and all the cheers.


And also thank you to all professors and lecturers for organizing this final exam for us. CHEERS TO YOU ALL!!


Another good news: my dear friend, mamat is no longer available and he chaperoned his gf to visit his room in the dorm, too. happy for him and his gf. they look like a lovely cute couple. soooooooooooooo cute!! (please don’t hate me for this comment, fooji!!)

This weekend going to be a great one - weekend escapade with my mom and grandma coming to johor.

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