Apr 23, 2006

wave to the waves

totally great but tired after the long drive back from Surfers’ Paradise, Gold Coast. Yep, thanks to the big old Ford for not breaking down, the good o’ mint to keep my mind alert and Mariah Carey’s One Sweet Day to keep me entertained in the 1 hour ride home. Not lost anymore. Qi started to make sense out of the maps. Who says women can’t read maps?

Surfers’ Paradise a truly paradise. beaches made in heaven. took loads of photos.. with me and my dearest posing like almost everything from being muscle man/beauty queen to koala bear or tiger. Pretty stupid, but what the heck, not like anyone knows me at down under.

Great big waves, almost washed my little yellow butt down to the ocean. really got frightened for few minutes. Reaching home, heard about news about someone drown somewhere down the same long stretch of beach. No wonder we heard an ambulance passing through while we are happily enjoying the evening view.

"Better beach than Tioman!" qi’s said.

Had a reflection down at the beach…. too tired to share it here. really tired. zzz

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