May 29, 2006

paint job

back at home, the pathetic main domain for several family of fungi were cleared up (blasted with high jet of water, harshly brushed) for the masterpiece of the century. ahem.
my dad finally gave me the green light to proceed with another of my holiday project.

i started painting the wall white and then another layer of superlight yellow. then, it was back to the drawing board for design to pass my dad grand approval.
he supported this wall project with several comments and critism, even injected a few ideas into my masterpiece. (ahem again)

The title of my wall painting is 'sabbe sankhara aniccati'
It is Pali language meaning all things is impermenant.
It consists of 4 main drawings of the 4 seasons, with a hidden meaning in each of them. Each of them, too is drawn within the letters and chinese character of my surname (L-O-W- 'liu')

that's my dad

summer 'O'

the in betweens

ending winter 'liu' and signature...

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