Mar 15, 2009

my valentine

a delayed Valentine blog

I always write something for Valentine.

I was too busy then.

But then again, the wise man would have told you that to treat everyday as Valentine and you'll be in a very healthy relationship.

I think that wise man never got married, neither did he got into any serious relationship nor work his way into one.

The wise man's word is bunch of crap and just another bullshit the world can do without.

If everyday is Valentine, that everyday is just another average day.

If every girl is special, there goes the special status of your lady.

Let's just face it.

I am no expert in relationship, not even close to semi amateur.

Someone (probably another wise guy) once said that if you're happily married, you'll live a happy fulfilling life, if not, at least you'll be a great philosopher. I guess this is meant to be a joke. Though on a serious note, someone studying Social Science or Philosophy right now should really do a research on relationship between good marriage and philosophy.

I was on call on the both of the Valentine's Day - by Gregorian or Lunar calendar, but yet the night before I have great time dining out with my dearest and our little Aedan.

From my own reflection, in relationship, there are few stages:

stage one where she loves me, forgets about what annoys her.

stage two is when she loves me more than I annoy her.

stage three is when I annoy her more than she loves me.

stage four is when she can't live without me annoying her.

works vice versa, of course.

it is important to note that in normally, people tend to get married during the late stage one believing that they are already in stage four.

stage two and above usually happens during marriage and that stage three is the most critical stage and there is a high risk of having a relationship failure.

After being married with a child, many people failed to see the room for romance in their life.

I guess during the V day, it is the time for romance. Romance doesn't need to come in the shape of cute or heavenly-priced gift, or doesn't need to be on bended knees and completely threatrical in public. Romance is simply being there to offer little spices of life - hugs, kisses and massages, and be there to listen and to talk heart to talk.

It is simply possible to put a bit of Stage 1, every now and then, into Stage 2, hoping to shorten up Stage 3.

Once you reach Stage 4, it's the 'happily ever after'

Unless of course, the children comes into the picture and further stages will come into play. And that, is when the 'plots thickened'.

End with a wise word from Mother Theresa.

Love is a fruit in season at all times and within the reach of every hand.

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