Mar 29, 2009

new chapter

grateful to: the camera salesman who gave me the biggest joke last night. "No discount lar, brother, now all camera price had gone up, way up." "Hahaha" and I left.

congrats to Sia & Cat for their 001 cutesy baby!!

part 1 2 by you.

Patrul Rinpoche:

Do not take lightly small misdeeds
Believing they can do no harm
Even a tiny spark of fire
Can set alight a mountain of hay

Do not take lightly small good deeds
Believing they can hardly help
For drops of water one by one
In time can fill a giant pot

part 1 by you.
gone bonkerz

2 nights ago, an sms from my colleague Dr. T startled me. it was good news.

Just in case, I doubled checked. I NAILED IT!

Although just a simple first part of it, but I guess in the journey of delivering the results every drops of effort and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

I might be the one trembling in fear or crashing my brain out prior to the big event (getting myself almost brain dead), but it was all along my wife who gave me lots of time and space. In the process, it did rob little Aedan and my family back in Penang bits and bits of well-deserved quality time.

part 1 3 by you.
last 100m dash to the finish line

Not forgetting my HOD for granting me unrecorded study leave and my senior colleague Dr. A for piecing the separate pieces of study leave to slightly longer stretch, enabling me to have a better reading days, instead of going all exhausted after on calls.

And also to other colleagues for covering me in my absence and all the well-wisher of whom knew I was going to this small little battle.

With a calm mind, I am glad I nailed it.

As I promised, I will soon have a new hairstyle and my wife will have a new set of perfume (inspired by Dr. Yew), and my family is going for a nice family trip soon.

Now onwards, to a new chapter.


Anonymous said...


fibrate said...

MRCOG? Congratulatons!

pilocarpine said...

yep... my buddy told me, one of the lecturer called it Mr.CoG.. LOLZ

Yew TW said...

well don buddy! don have to 'suan' me about the perfume though!! :P

pilocarpine said...

sorry... not suan.. inspired...