Mar 23, 2009

officially disaster-trained

Grateful to : Tuan Pengarah. a long walk made me see new beautiful floras and decos around the hospy.
arrgh... i ain't taking the long walk thru this...

I came to work a bit late (than usual) today.
couldn't get a parking space, even there were ample places allocated for us. Most of the space were occupied by either tom, dick or hairy (yes, hairy).

I parked my car by the roadside, but was flagged by the security guard who was normally sitting in their own booth, shaking their .... legs.

He told, "sorry, boss, can't park here. Pengarah's order. Want to clear the road to mortuary"


For mortuary? Either there will be angry mob accompanying the deceased or the deceased is Mr. Big Foot.

And so, no choice, park my car... far far far far far away.

Had a long walk this morning.

Later, I found out it was for disaster training. Clearly, O&G side not involved.

Mock bus turnover near Cinta Sayang.

One insider told me after my midday sport session, the reason for the disaster training is
  1. This new hospital never had one before
  2. Accreditation season soon
  3. Bukit Selambau by-election

We're actually expecting violence during the by-election.

Hopefully, no pregnant women get hurt, NO, hopefully zero violence during the election.

By votes, no one knows who will be the big winner, but surely the biggest loser is predictable.

Winning a by election is like winning a lottery, or maybe, better.

To cash in, just hop.

As for the disaster training, when the real unexpected disaster comes along some fine day....

this training will be just another cup of teh tarik, a complete mockery of our own denial or exhibitionism, and total waste of time, money and manpower, only in a slight manner, preparing anyone for the real thing.

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