Mar 19, 2009

yours to discover

grateful to: astronomer amanda bauer, for such a wonderful blog on astronomy. i wonder whether she's related to Jack Bauer (24).


When I'm in high school, I was a keen astronomy follower, together with Wei Pin, Kah Chong and the rest of the gang. My school has an attic for star gazing session and organize Space Camp every year. Space Camp is just another fancy word for fellowship bungalow stay up in Brothers' Bungalow in Penang Hill with injected astronomical teaching and star gazing session. Not that we go to space or anything like it. We just have more space for ourselves in the camp.

Since those days, I had not been following anything related to astronomy until my mystic colleague discussed with me regarding some extraterrestrial issues, such as Nibiru and 2049 made me think - how much I miss astronomy.

The constellation above is the most simple constellation everyone will easily spot in the Malaysian sky at some part of the year. And it is this same constellation that pioneered my interest into astronomy.

This constellation is Orion or the hunter (I was told).

The three blue stars in a straight row are the hunter's belt.
The orange star is the arrow tip of a stretched bow.
As for the red star.... go figure.

I also remember the Big Dog (Canis Major) constellation beside Orion, which consist of the brightest star in the sky - Sirius.

Anyway, I hope to re collect my astronomy interest from this year onwards, in conjunction with

I simply love astronomy not because of the star, not because of the constellation, not because of the comet, not because of the moon or the planet, but simply because

it's an exploration of possibility
it's a wild wild wide world out there
and we're just another speck of dust in the universe

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