Apr 27, 2009

hospital mates

another patient's perspective, now from the gynae side.

5 days at the hospital ward was full of memories. I'm fortunate that Allah swt send me some kind people to help me. My hospital mates were helpful and friendly, and as they could walk about after their own D&C, they had helped me when I couldn't help myself even to a cup of water (being stuck on the bed with tubes). We kept each other's spirits up and cracked jokes to pass the time. The stories we shared were enough to write a book, hehehe. Rosiza, Hanisah, Kak Aini, Saadiah, and Siti. Pregnant with diabetes, miscarriages, bleed during pregnancy, nausea during pregnancy, etc. Ah, it's tough being a woman. When they left on the 4th day, I was quite depressed as the new set of roommates were not so friendly.

somehow, hospital mates are just as valuable, helpful and important as the doctors or any medical personnel.


seahorse27 said...

Eh, let your cute little boy see something from my bloggie... then you scroll down you can see your friend's handsome face, too *wink*

pilocarpine said...

huh? my friend's handsome face?

seahorse27 said...

Ya... you didn't see him? In the blog post 'True Frienship'

pilocarpine said...

ok saw.. d.. i think this comment unrelated to this post... maybe i should fix a chatbox in my blog..