Apr 11, 2009

hospy ghost


post call today. yesterday was an entertaining call.

as i was assisting in the scope for ectopic pregnancy, there was this buzz going around the staffs of OT, about the ghost in OT, particularly in the MO oncall's room.

scared the hell out the MO on call yesterday, which is my buddy.

even my house officer who quietly sat down cannulating the uterus felt the chills.

from what i gather, 2 student nurses saw a white female figure climbed up from a bed. which bed, i couldn't reveal further.

not surprisingly, hospital is an area where people passed away, and where kamma took them, the ghost world is just another world of existence.

not just yesterday, whenever I took the elevator alone at night in the hospital, it did felt like there are 'others' around in the elevator. But I wish them well, and hope with metta, it would reduce their suffering.

I guess the OT ghost is there maybe for a reason.
Perhaps, there are things she had to complete,
there are mistakes she wanted to rectify,
or simply she just wanted the true clarification on her death or something else...
(ok, this begins to sound like the movie, but it could be true, right?)

perhaps the SNs should begin to look carefully for any specimen or body parts that supposed to be sent for HPE, but was left behind unattended, and not given back to their family members.

any stories from other hospitals?


Anonymous said...

ey, dont la tell ghost story. I am going for night calls soon.


pilocarpine said...

dun worry, ghost is always suffering, and if you're a very decent and nice person, they will hang around you so they will put their mind of their suffering for a while...

ever heard of Casper?

fibrate said...

Oh no, people like us (ESPECIALLY US) who walk the corridors and ride elevators alone in ungodly hours of the day should probably refrain from imagining things. Your on-call buddies will thank you for that! :)

pilocarpine said...

ungodly hours meaning when?

fibrate said...

past 12 midnight ;)

Anonymous said...

god is everywhere, at anytime...