Apr 30, 2009

Nagol vs Einuo

in conjunction with world book day, I got myself a good bargain. A rather good book on face reading by Joey Yap at discounted price. I guess we shouldn't judge the book by its cover, or rather judge a person by his or her look, but then again, first impression really is after all very important. perhaps tomorrow, I can enjoy that labor day reading this book, and probably be able to sum up someone at the first glance.

Yesterday, I was put on call, replacing someone, summing up highest number of call per month, but surprisingly I enjoyed it mainly because my mind was relieved of 2 things deadlined today - income tax report and abstract submission and registration for OGSM coming june.

Other thing would be the enjoyable and educational night round with Dr. Kuna, my HOD.

Along the team being on call last night was a russian-grad house officer, by the name Dr.Nagol (obviously, not the real name). Nagol attire totally took Dr. Kuna and me by surprise. Nagol wore the blue scrub shirt, a trackbottom and black socks & shoes. Not only it looked rather unprofessional, it wasn't that fashionable as well.

K: Low, do others wear similar way?
Me: This is the first time I saw this combination of clothings
N: Sori, my black slacks got wet after wash up.
K: Why not clad fully in scrubs, then? Half here half there.
N: Sori, no next time.

The first day I encountered this HO was a few weeks ago. Nagol looked like a slob to me, mainly because Nagol wasn't cleanly shaved, and Nagol's hair was standing up like a vagabond. Let's just say the hair part - it was more of a health problem resulting in cosmetic complication.

"HARLO!! HAH!! HA!! OKAY!! "
Loud voices behind the screen. This was my 2nd encounter with him.
Nagol was midway clerking a patient when he had to answer to a call. There Nagol was, seated beside the patient while loudly talking through the phone.
This seemed rather rude.

But over the weeks, I observed and perhaps discovered something surprising about Nagol. Even though, Nagol looked like a slob, Nagol talked like a slob, but Nagol wasn't a slob. He worked up to the capacity. Not calculative. Got down to business. No MIA so far. (MIA = missing in action). Nagol's clerking is informative and slightly above average, I must say. By far, Nagol functioned pretty well.

I guess, Nagol needed a little more convincing thoughts on tidying up to mark up professionalism, from someone close to Nagol.

In a way, Nagol is far better than the local-trained Dr. Einuo, another HO who was totally different. Einuo would look tidy, hair well combed, looking fresh and talk cock very professionally but specialized in MIA. With a lenient posting Einuo is having right now, MO often had to put up red carpet to ask Einuo to complete the on call duties. Even that posting's HOD put Einuo within the 'radar' for early detection of MIA.

Nagol vs Einuo?
Which kind of doctor would you rather have?

Perhaps above is a stupid question to ask, because most of the time, one would already chosen Einuo based on the first impression, only to find out later Einuo is just another joker with a good sense of fashion. Nevertheless being a physical slob, Nagol poses a fair amount of infectious risks.
grateful today to: Dr Haliza for such a good, short and precise CME talk. simply inspirational, I guess.

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