Apr 23, 2009

peer pressure

peer pressure by Avi_Abrams.

my dearest aedan almost reaching two. few days away.

already able to count from one to ten.

although physically still a small little chilli padi, he's a rather smart little rascal.

too smart sometimes just tip him over to be notorious.

perhaps, it is a bad habit of me and my dearest, every times he did something smart, we would applause like crazy, and this egged him on to count or name something or some animal.

boastfully, he would count loudly every times we're not at home, working.

and two other neighbourhood parents of whom had children few months older than little Aedan was taught the similar counting.

peer pressure, starting up so young, is rather unhealthy, i guess.

nevertheless, competition doesn't it makes a better man?

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