Apr 2, 2009

pilihanraya = pilihan kaya-raya

Pilihan raya = Yang dipilih menjadi kaya raya.

The tri-election as they called it.

Is pretty obscene, come to think of it.

2 Bukit in Semenanjung and 1 Batang in Borneo.

Recently a short drive to work got me thinking. I am really blessed to be staying in such a rich country. Even in the times of economic crisis, the rich people (or the government using the money of the poor people) are pouring money into producing so much of banner, poster and etc which will be deemed useless after the election, when the similar amount of money can actually help a poor child get a decent school material (small kid did not go to school because unable to buy uniform & stationery), clothes the homeless (kesian all those homeless ah peks at the kaki lima), provide water supply to the underdeveloped area (family of five, with the youngest 7years old admitted with typhoid as all drank from the well after the rain) or provide proper transport from rural area for the pregnant ladies to get to antenatal check-up.

Obviously the whole town will be heated up as more and more political leaders (is that what we still call them nowadays?) came here to shake hands, smile smile, laugh laugh and talk talk. In the same time, boost the micro economy by staying in the luxurious hotel, chowing great buffets and perhaps play some golf in between all the shake shake, smile smile, laugh laugh and talk talk.

Instead of covering BS news like caning of hands leading to death due to central nervous system, the media should expose how much money are wasted for all the electorate campaign (the real amount, please. Not quoting the BS report) and how much suffering the people of the area are enduring due to poverty and unemployment secondary to economic crisis.

Like I said previously, PR even flying an undies will win hands, legs and whatever down. It is better for PR to go down for real and start helping the people.

Pilihan raya = Yang dipilih menjadi kaya raya.

Perhaps the equation above best explained why there was so many record-breaking candidates pay up their deposit to stand as Independents. And I am sure the EC ran out of logo for the Independents.

There is this candidate with an aeroplane logo, and another with a bicycle logo.

Aeroplane vs Bicycle. Huh?!??! Really tough choice.

Even the staff in the hospital, in the sentiment of election, created their own poster, just for the fun of it.

I don’t think using the Tiger logo is a wise decision, for him as a Muslim. Think about what tiger is associated with – Tiger Beer, Tiger show, Tiger-to-C4-and-blow-her.

Seeing that self made poster made me reminisce my first year in Uni when my batchmates played a big prank on me. My ‘election poster’ was posted around the hostel and even in the female toilet. My other batchmates took down the poster for me. I couldn’t remember what I was thinking at that time. Sort of shocked. Sort of lost. Sort of curious. Sort of restless. Sort of blank. Sort of feeling I’m being misunderstood.

Nevertheless, it was one of those unforgettable moments in my life.


Judith said...

Interesting blog you have...

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just keepin a log.. of things..

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I've been reading your blog since last year... your thoughts are well-string in words...