Jun 17, 2009

baby-friendliness aside

grateful to: Dr H and SN R for making all the effort and going through hell of a emotional roller-coaster ride in getting baby friendly status for the hospy.

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Minutes ago, I sms Dr. H: Do our hosp hv good news?
She replied: Yes. We pass all 10 steps.

It's official, I think. My hospy got the status of baby-friendly hospy after the 2nd assessment.
Today is Day 2 of the assessment. 3 doctors, mostly specialists, took 2 days off to do assess our staff on whether our hospital is baby-friendly enough a.k.a. holding breastmilk supreme enough. one of them actually flew in from likas,sabah.

Here's the thing. I guess we're lucky this time.

Rewind. Back to 3 days ago.

Almost finishing clinics, I was called to a room. Most of the doctors were there, listening to a refresher on the breastfeeding, mainly play around with the doll and the breast model in positioning and latching.

And a grim reminder, that the next day, the assessor will be around to examine everyone.

One fellow from nutrition department (if I am not mistaken) introduced himself also as independent assessor for this baby-friendly thingy nationwide and gave us some 'soalan bocor' - which is pretty much basic question if we advocate breastfeeding in our daily practice. He also reminded, or probably belittled doctor's inadequacy to perform well in interviews because our lack of 'interview' experience as our job doesn't require one.

He really got on my nerve when he quoted:
biasanya kita gagal sebab doktor. doktor tidak put level below the assessor.
doktor kena put down sendiri. jawab bagi pihak hospital.
bila mereka tanya adakah anda tunjuk cara breastfeeding.
"doktor akan jawab tidak, biasanya jururawat yang tunjuk."
itu gagal. tak boleh jawab begini.
As much as I would like my hospy to get the baby-friendly status, I would rather the hospy get it by the book and not bending the truth.

Does answering on behalf of the hospy means we should compromise on our own integrity?

Does it even make sense to you?

After finishing the whole clinics, I can see lots of wood work and nailing being done all around the hospy. Nailing of the poster and loading pamphlets of breastfeeding all around the hospy.


It was like ai pang sai ka lai or kang (when you feel you're going to defecate, only you go digging for a hole) A good hokkien saying.

I got my fingers crossed, hopefully, re-assessment after 2 years will not be as phony or rigged like this, with all the genuinely baby-friendly doctors and nurses.

After all, we all, with or without the status, are providing the best for our mothers and babies.


sure fail scenario...


fibrate said...

Just a thought...is the provision of a designated area for hospital staff to nurse their own babies or express breast milk a requirement in attaining baby-friendly status?

pilocarpine said...

no, but i think it should be...