Jun 4, 2009

flying mothers

Now everyone can fly... Not true for some pregnant ladies...

Some time ago, my colleague, C sitting opposite me in clinic was asked by the patient for a memo for flying, i mean, going on a ride on airplane back to her hometown at the other side of south china sea.

C looked at me, and I looked back at her.

"Probably she'll just need a memo,C. You think she is safe to fly?"
"I think she's safe. I will just write a memo."

Just two days ago, on flight, enroute to the land below the winds for OGSM (read carefully: not orgasm) conference, the onboard mag travel3sixty had a rather nice article shedding lights upon some technical procedures and rules for pregnant mothers going on an aircraft.

that article was nicely written by Captain Lim. Captain Lim got his own site, and probably you can ask just about anything about flying.

the article in summary:

if the gestation of the baby is
  • less than 28weeks: the mother has to sign release and indemnity form.
  • 28 to 34weeks: the mother has to present a medical certificate (within 1 week of validity) stating the due date and the fitness, and to sign the release and indemnity form.
  • more than 34weeks: not allow to fly.
as for on board delivery
  • place of birth = place of disembark for the airplane
  • nationality = place of registered for the airplane
  • but no true consensus, therefore technically easier if nationality follows the mother.
  • as for the free for life flying for the 'plane baby', it is completely just a rumor and though there are instances of such with Thai Airways and Asia Pacific Airways, but those are purely at discretion of the flight company if the baby brings good luck or fortune within their culture.
Therefore, not everyone can fly, not if you gotta 35weeker solid passenger within you.

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