Jun 30, 2009

maternal death

A Universiti Teknologi Malaysia student was found dead in her campus dormitory after she had given birth to a baby boy. The baby, whose umbilical cord was still attached to his mother, was also dead.

The 26-year-old fourth-year student, who was unmarried, was found in her dormitory by a warden around 5pm on Monday.

and the continuation of news today...

The woman who was found dead with her newborn baby at a Universiti Teknologi Malay­­­­sia (UTM) dormitory was a dropout renting a room there.
The woman who was found dead with her newborn baby at a Universiti Teknologi Malay­­­­sia (UTM) dormitory was a dropout renting a room there.

She had failed the first semester of her fourth year last November, UTM corporate affairs department assistant registrar (media and external relations) Sabri Ahmad said.

“She had been renting a room at the dorm since May 11,” he said, adding that outsiders were allowed to rent rooms at the university on a case-by-case basis.

In any maternal mortality review, the big question at the end of the line would be:

can this be avoided?

I remembered the warm up OGSM conference debate titled, "Should sex education be started in school?"

I believe the team 'for' wins hands down versus the 'against' team, not because of their dynamic delivery of the debate points, but because, there is a dire need for sex education.

I personally agreed with one of the debater which points out to us that even without sex education, we're exposed to a lot of informal sexual education or sexual 'terms' in our dailies. Politicians made headlines with sexual scandal. Politicians made headlines for being sued for sexual misconduct.

How do you expect curiosity to respond?

Do they bring the paper to their parents? to their teachers?

Or do they hold 'private' or 'privates' conference with their peers?

Personally, I believe sex education is not teaching our young ones (not that I'm old already), but I believe they should know the consequences and to respond appropriately. Even if they are pregnant, no matter how ashamed they are, no matter how much they think their conservative parents or community may not accept them,

no matter what,

no matter what,

she should learn to cherish life,

the life of the baby,

and the life of her own.

The only ace that the 'against' team had under their sleeves was the uncertainties of the commencement of sex education, at what age? who can teach? who can teach effectively?

The society must see beyond moral values and religious belief, beyond honor in family, beyond dignity among peers, the society must see life, and to cherish life.

Does it really matter if she's a dropout or not?

Do not shame her further, for her death is certainly a preventable one, preventable if deep down in her heart, she knew that no matter how grave is her mistakes, how shameful she maybe in our modern yet conservative society, she can find comfort in her parents or in her friends or in a community who truly understand and cherish - life.


seahorse27 said...

There's no solution to this. Highly educated or poorly educated, when it comes to this, the brain is not involved. Walking right with God might be the best solution but humans fall to temptations. There are those who hold great moral values in life yet, they falter in this area.

Guidance from parents at a very young age should be able to help. The next best thing will be praying hard :)

Solely my opinion...

pilocarpine said...

the solution is always there....

whether or not one is sane enough to accept it is another story, by itself..

atreyu strange said...

It could have been avoided if people are not too fast at judgement. Sadly, we still have people like that.

pilocarpine said...

it is not about judgement...

it's about doing the right thing...
and education that point that way...