Jun 23, 2009

RED ALERT: Red tape ahead!!

what does it mean to be working with the government?

to be trying to cut through the red tape, till you're bloody fed up.

I am bloody fed up.

My documents for confirmation was long compiled by the previous administration officer, Mr J who are in-charged of human resource, but no action taken till the poor Ms Haslini took over. And she basically took over a hell lot of shit.

Where's Mr. J? He's promoted, and transferred to Hosp Langkawi. Promoted?
Yes, exactly, people who don't continue doing their work, but too busy intoxicating their semen with inhaled nicotine get promoted.

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this is not Mr. J, but that's exactly how he smelled everytime I had a chance to talk to him.

I WRITE in great frustration over the delay in my confirmation as a medical officer.

I had submitted full documents from June 2008, and was notified that my hospital administration had only relayed my application to the Health Ministry and the Public Service Commission for confirmation two months ago.

Since it was the hospital officer who had sent my papers late, I was hoping she would be responsible enough to follow up on my confirmation.

Instead, I was told to do it myself and was informed that if I wanted to speed up the process, I would have to go to the Health Ministry and Public Service Commission in Putrajaya like what one of my colleagues had done. That person finally received her confirmation three weeks after going to Putrajaya twice.

I do not have the luxury of time to go there as my department is facing a shortage of doctors.

I called the commission but could not get the person-in-charge until 11.30am as he was out on a break. I was finally told my application was still being processed.

Does this mean that doctors have to use their precious time and effort to make trips to Putrajaya and send the documents themselves to get things done, instead of focusing on patient care?


I shared the same sentiment as this medical officer.

Perhaps I should take few days go to Putrajaya, then go Genting. Have a holiday break myself.

But today, although rather delayed, my confirmation finally arrived, many thanks to Ms. Chan from SPA or Public Service Commission for faxing the confirmation letter to my hospital with such speed and accuracy.

Finally, today I celebrate, a personal success of cutting through one of the strands of red tape.

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I believe in every service in the government, there are those who are efficient and willing to help out and dedicated to nation-building, you just have to get to that right person, instead of playing the telephony merry-go-round with the assholes who are more interested in having their 'tea' than actually doing their job.

Attitude and character building classes and course during Induction or Orientation programs are simply a waste of public funds and pure exhibitionism.

Just look at how much thicker the red tape is nowadays.

Can we have more public servant like Ms Chan?

Can the admin people give medical personnels more peace of mind, focussing on patient care?

I see a silver lining of optimism in today's letter by our DG.
The Government is striving to improve the public healthcare delivery system in its effort to fulfil its duties to the people.

It has taken measures to encourage medical officers to remain in the public sector.

Aside from improving their scheme and conditions of service, the Government has also created more promotion opportunities for medical officers as well as increased the number of scholarships for them to pursue master’s courses.

The ministry will continue to do its best to ensure equity and accessibility to the public healthcare system.

But somehow, I believe Tan Sri should start by minimizing red tape that create unnecessary frustration.

P.S. Just to share, if you're having problems with SPA, Ms Chan is at 0488856161 or 0194192698


Michelle Mak said...

the number u stated there real or not one?
u ask her permission d to publish her number not?

seahorse27 said...

Congratulations on your confirmation~!!

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