Jul 19, 2009

Eclipse on 22 July

there will be eclipse on 21-22 July.

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Malaysian will be lucky be enjoying partial eclipse, from KL 8:29am to 9:48am.

Luckier would be for the China's business scenery seeing blooming revenue...

“It made me forget about urban life. I was struck by the beauty of nature,” she said.

“When the sun was blocked and everything fell into darkness, you could hear the dogs barking and feel a sudden fall in temperature. For a while, you thought it was the end of the world. But when the sun came out again, you could feel the sunshine was so beautiful.”

However, Indian astrology is labelling as a bad thing and throwing precaution...

All Hindu temples will be closed during the eclipse period. People are urged not view the eclipse directly, and it is better not to travel during the period and stay indoors.

Those who were born during an eclipse should take even more care than others and those born under the zodiacs following the moon sign of Aries (Mesha), Pisces (Meena), Libra (Thula), Sagittarius (Dhanus) and Gemini (Mithuna) should also exercise caution this month.

But I think the best is to take ample precaution not based upon superstitious ground.

There are few ways. You can project the image of the Sun onto a piece of paper or a wall either by using pinhole projector (long box or cardboard) or telescope, or use a solar filter either the glasses type or attached it in front of a telescope. Only then, you can observe the Sun safely. You don’t really need a telescope to enjoy this.

Caution: Sunglasses, exposed film, x-ray film, polaroid filters etc. are NOT suitable to be used for Sun observation. Use only filters or glasses that are specially made for Sun viewing.

Remember this: Safety precautions always have to be taken for any observations involving the Sun. NEVER EVER look at the Sun directly without any safety filters. The consequences will be a damaged eye or blindness.

Please bear in mind that although the Sun will be partially covered, the remaining of the crescent Sun will still be intense enough to damage your eyes. It is NOT safe at all to look at the partial Sun directly.

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