Jul 17, 2009

Toe thumbs - Megan Fox and me

Pilo has this toe-thumbs, and everyone around him is always fascinated with it. Ok, not everyone.
Majority would generously pass it off as cute, by cute, it is defined as 'adorable but ugly'.
Some would simply say 'oh that's so cool'. I don't think it is cool at all, but somehow it has always been that special part of me.

In the world of palmistry, the actual term is clubbed thumbs. More pix here.

And clubbed thumbs signify
Occasionally a thumb is found with the will phalanx is thick and rounded … [and] is found on the hands of healthy persons. Owing to its peculiar club-like formation is had been called the clubbed thumb, and owing to the thickness, courseness and brutal obstinacy shown, has been designated the murderer’s thumb. This clubbed thumb shows terrific obstinacy … They are dangerous companions however not to be trifled with.

OF1J6475_resize by you.
And yes, I have it.

So does Megan Fox...

and from the simple vids below, you can see how kick ass Megan Fox can be in real life...


YY Ong LTR! said...

damn megan fox has toe thumb! dangerous. Can see cannot touch!

pilocarpine said...

u can touch d poster, though...