Jul 6, 2009

Transformer 2: ROTF

Aedan's first Transformer!! Decepticon or Autobots?

No, ROTF is not Rolling On The Floor. It's "Revenge of the Fallen".

Eagerly awaits this show since dawn of 2009, but yet could not find time to watch it.

Reading everyone's review makes my mouth even more watery, as if I'm mouth-loaded with pilocarpine. Yes, pilocarpine is a medication to treat dry mouth.

  • Superjealous of drjimbo's premiere...
  • Getting the political essence from anti-obama scott... US exaggerating their military superiority...
  • And not forgetting Bong bonking the movie for US army exaggeration, the geriaritric bots, Optimus sexy lips, and some lousy plots off and on, plus bonus free tickets for another kind of Transformer..

Before I get to what do I think of the movie, perhaps I wish to mark that day as the first time I went for cinema in SP. My experience wasn't that bad, but it was close. Yes, if you SPians choose to kill me for my honesty, so be it. I have no regrets.

First thing first, the GSC in SP has a phone. But I called more than 10times for 2days prior, but no answer. Not during office hours, not after office hours. Even as I was queuing up for the ticket and watching the ticket counter open wide and clear, I called but no answer. That defeat the purpose of putting up a phone number for the cinema. For what?

Second thing, the seats were small and dusty, plus the air-conditioners were working, but not catering sufficiently to the full house audience.

Lastly, the audience, of which I doesn't know their background (probably they're just desperate people not from SP who wanted to watch this show badly. on 2nd thought, probably they're locals), eat and talk along the movie as if their watching pirated DVD at home.

I noticed something rather odd that day when I lined up for the tix. Yes, normally, I got them fast and there wasn't any samples for a simple short observational cross-sectional study of people in the queue. There in the queue were secondary school children, in groups, some came with plain normal everyday go-to-tuition clothings, some came with clubbing attires, some I got not idea where their inspiration for apparels came from. Plus in betweens were young adults like me, and some older adults in groups, or with their family and children. Some children were definitely less than 13years old. I didn't study further whether these underaged were granted admission for this PG-13 movie. Major variation of people, all eyeing one movie. Transformers2.

Another thing that quite trouble me is I noted, at the back of the long queue was an exceptionally pretty girl with her boyfriend. The boyfriend initially left her and went straight up to the front counter to survey the availability of tix, just in case, tickets went out before their turn came. Then he came back, and the girl asked her bf to stand in the line, while she made way to the front and chatted up 2 secondary school boys with almost bald head. After 5 mins, she got 2 tix for herself and her bf and smiling left the queue. And the 2 boys, with their horny or perhaps naive looks, as they were passing me...

Boy1: you know her?
Boy2: i thought you know her?
Boy1: she's hot lar.
Boy2: Aiyo, why you didn't get her number?
Boy1: I thought I can get number from you, if you know her...
Boy2: Nevermind lar, where she go liao...

Maybe it's the modern world.
Or maybe I'm too conservative or geriatric.

Although no modesty was lost, but is it really okay to let your own gf used her beauty for a couple of tix?

After thinking in a much objective and logical point of view, this is like a win-win situation. The couple got tickets fast, and the boys got their daily or perhaps weekly dose of endorphin or hormonal surge.

Everyone's happy, except for the 30 people waiting in the queue.
OK, maybe I just sore that I couldn't jump queue...

What do I think of the movie?
I do not think Megan Fox's scene clicked much with the movie, and she was too sexy or portrayed too sexy for the whole deal.
Plots lack logic, but storyline doesn't leave my dearest with doubt and questions.
And without a doubt, this movie is to tell the world, don't mess with US Army, and probably to remind the poor in US that all this money used up for artillery and arms can actually be better spend in providing basic needs like food and shelter.
Overall, it's a good show, if you keep your expectation not too high...


seahorse27 said...

I watched that movie twice..

Next in line, Ice Age 3 in 3D...

fibrate said...

I caught the movie on opening day, 5.30pm show, right after work! And no patient was neglected in the process or innocent movie-goers trampled in the queue!