Jul 26, 2009

Yippee kai yeah!


It had been a pretty depressing time lately.

Firstly, it was the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

Secondly, it was Yasmin Ahmad’s passing away. May she rests in peace, but most of all I wish someone can really continue her legacy of spreading the real message of 1Malaysia, unlike the one you see in NTV7, where a whole bunch of popular young entertainer and broadcaster going around quoting ‘1Malaysia’ as if you’re going to get much hippier or cooler, if you use the word 1Malaysia. Get real, man!!

In my mind, I was imaging a scenario of a boy going up to a girl.

Boy: Hi gal, 1Malaysia…

Girl: (Jumping up and down like nuts) WOW… That is so cool!!!

With the death of Sdr Teoh, thousand of questions were unanswered. Not like there wasn’t any mystery questions before ie. those of Unit Khas and Mongolian model.

Where lawless became a law, as one of my pal puts it
– it is a cowboy town.

From my own point of view, the whole state of Malaysia is slowly evolving (or already evolved) into a cowboy country.

I am sure the police or MACC had their own way of securing information. Just like the medical world, the police or army or any professional bodies, sure there’s this unwritten law, the common rules or the way of doing things.

“Please be reminded, in the army, there’s always 3 ways of doing thing. The right way. The wrong way. The army way.”

That was the quote from the movie ‘The General’s Daughter’. Sometimes fiction isn’t that far away from reality.

But whether it is the right way, the wrong way or the x way, there must be a limit, a self-regulation, a fail-safe key in which serve to prevent them from being compromised publicly and all.

From the obviously mysterious way of death creeping up to Sdr Teoh, undeniably, police or MACC had failed to do so. And the public had lost their confidence in the people who are there to serve and to protect. In medical term, ‘autoimmunity’ serves as the closest metaphor in this situation, and mind you, a disease of this nature can be pretty depressing, and most often control is the key of treatment, and rarely a cure may surfaced.

With the eroding trust and confidence of police or MACC, the public will have to face the growing crime rates, which is reasonable. When the cat is being punished, the mice will laugh their teeth off and help themselves to the big piece of cheese.

Conspiracy apart, the unanswered truth behind Teoh’s death will leave the current national leadership in shoddy shade, but then again, there wasn’t much that one can do given the fact, Teoh wasn’t the first mysterious death in Malaysia. I’m not saying all those mysterious deaths were linked but somehow it does sounds like a case of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours”

It is definitely a very difficult way of living, and you can never afford to be too careful. Carelessness comes with a big price, and at times, even your life may not even be enough to cover the cost.

At the darkest hour, probably the alarm bells are ringing loudly, so loud that it probably echoes through heaven and hell.

Hopefully, change will come to our salvation before everything is too late.

Till then, yippee kai yeah!!


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