Aug 14, 2009

bedtimes stories

Being with a mischievous son can be pretty taxing. It had been a while since I last talk about my dear Aedan.

Part of the growing process, kids as kids are will become very hyperactive and tried to be involved in everything.

Similarly, my little Aedan is very active and sometimes just bite off more than what he can chew.

He had two baskets of toys for himself, and yet, he only spent a few minutes on his own toys. Most of the time, he will be helping out in the housework.

After hanging all the washed clothings, Aedan would happily help carry the empty pail back to the bathroom

Then when all clothings well dried and collected back, he will help to fold them into the basket. Now he is doing quite a decent job of folding his own clothes and hankie.

If he sees you mopping the floor, he will gladly want to take the mop and do it! If not allowed, he will blast his own vocal cord into full volume. Nevertheless, in view of the sloppy job he will be doing and he may end up injuring himself, he will be left crying, till I can find a mini mop in the Toys’ Department.

When I was small, the world of stories was never a stranger to me.
I read them up in the books. I watched those stories in cartoon. I even can tell or two in the story-telling competition, and actually won something in primary school. At this point, I couldn’t really remember the ‘award-winning’ story at that time, probably because it wasn’t a common story and it is related to ‘fart’.

My dad didn’t read story to me during my bedtime, but I hope to do so for little Aedan. Hence, I am re-summoning back my story-telling ‘talent’ to tell bedtime stories to my little Aedan. I bought few pictorial books, and I tell the story to him in my own words.

It was a difficult choice of which story to tell to my son. But then, fortunately, I got myself reading the right FIRST bedtime story to my son.

It was ‘The Ugly Duckling’.

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For those unaccustomed to this story, it is basically about the hatching of an ultra-ugly duckling together with other golden yellow duckling. The ugly one got shun by its own mother and other animals. But, finally, it grew up to be a beautiful swan.

Through the story, I hope that Aedan will grow up, not being blinded or discriminate against colours and superficial beauty.


fibrate said...

That's the best gift any parent can give the female population - mothers, wives, sisters - raising a son to do his share of household chores.

Your future daughter-in-law will thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

haha..i read tong buddhism story everytime i came back..yea,i think kids will like & appreciate the bedtimes stories a lot..too bad i miss mine last time..=)

pilocarpine said...

point taken, fibrate! =)