Aug 31, 2009

Merdeka | Murky Day kah?

It all falls down to today.
31 Aug. Independence Day.
Big bang. Fireworks. Concerts. Sales.
Thank this. Thank that.

Looking at what currently haunting our nation (Teoh BH, Kugan, the Perak political impasse, Cow head in Shah Alam, 1Malaysia), perhaps 'thank' isn't the best word for it.

Jimbo has a long list of them.

Merdeka, perhaps, is a gloomy day not worth celebrating.

Are we really free from jajahan minda ciptaan kerajaan UMNO?
Is this just another black Merdeka?

No matter how dirty our Malaysian scenery are looking at this moment, at least, everything is being blew wide open. No dirt under the carpet.

Now it's time, to clean up the filth. One step at a time.

I believe the awakening is a blessing. It is something worth celebrating about.

It may not be easy, it may not be in the close future, but if the appropriate political front toe their path carefully, in good times, our differences will be our strength and together we will leave our political and racial minefield far behind.

Maybe the last paragraph sounds so gay. Maybe. Just maybe.

Anyway, any occasion with an off day is worth celebrating, right?

As for now, knock yourself out with The Tree.

Happy Merdeka!!

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kenwooi said...

merdeka is very normal edy these days.. nothing so special about it..