Aug 27, 2009

suck-it kePALA

I’m not a big fan of politics, neither am I, a big fan of Chief Minister.
But as a Penangite, I am gladly to say I am really proud of our Chief Minister

After reading that piece of prime news in Page 3 of NST on 22 Aug 2009, detailing how one Gerakan small fry, Mr Oh-something criticizing YB Lim acting like child throwing tantrums in handling Kampung Lorong Buah Pala issue, it made me want to throw up. Not just the usual food-and-gastric-juices throw up, but the all out projectile, full momentum vomit with some vomitus actually going into the nose and beyond.

He even suggested CAT Competency, Accountability and Transparency be changed to ‘complaining, accusing and twisting’. WTF.

Let us just look at the whole big picture.

The Indian villagers were pushing up racial cards, saying the Malay company wanted to take the land, and the Chinese government is condoning it.

To begin with the right story, the land belongs to the government and the villagers were trespassers on the settlement.

The land was sold during the previous administration when the CM is Gerakan big head, alienated to Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang with their developer Nusmetro Ventures.

And now, as YB Lim took over Penang, recognizing his role to protect the villagers had pushed a good deal for the villagers, whereby every house demolished, the company will compensate with a double-storey house. Yes, for every papan and zinc old house, they’re being compensated by A DOUBLE-STOREY HOUSE. Not something that any average Penangites can afford, especially at this time of economic crisis.

Which part of this effing effort is equivalent to complaining, accusing and twisting?
Brighten up, Gerakan. You’re already grounded; don’t start digging your own grave.

For whatever reason, the villagers turned down the offer. But at the current moment, I gathered about half of them accepted.

Whatever reason they give for turning down such a good offer sure baffled every Penangites who work their asses off every day and night and even weekends, but even so, were struggling to pay housing installment for a single unit of house in the flat.

I was thinking:
Could it be greed?
Could it be their ‘maruah’?
Could it be their homes have too much sentimental value?
Could it be probably their eyes are simply being covered with too much of shit?

Another hypothesis would run in the veins of the delusional decisions influenced by some political puppeteers. Puppeteers who go all out to make those villagers pawns for their own political mileage, who egg on the children of the villagers go all out and amok whenever demolishment unit came for their settlement, while they sit behind in their comfortable homes and try their best to brand the current Penang administration as racist, and anti-Indian.

And my sympathy goes all out for everyone, especially the children and ladies, who suffers mental and physical stress, whereby a peaceful transition of home is an option in front of their eyes.

YB Lim did suggest to the villagers to ask those puppeteers to give them each something more than a double-storey house.

I think majority of Penangites would really want to see what those puppeteers can really do for them, instead of cooking up so much of smokes but no fire at sight.

YB Lim did mention that as he was devastated that the villagers turned down the offer, most Penangites were disappointed, too. Who wouldn’t be?

And this piece of pariah shooting-from-the-hip sarcastic condemnation on YB Lim, I guess in a way, when it hits YB Lim, it hits us all.

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