Dec 9, 2009

BTN | bit too nasty?

Bro. Wong CH lined out exactly how BTN is deeply flawed.
Flawed beyond the big verbal battle between the Tun and Datuk Seri.
In his own words -
The BTN saga exposes the two attributes of the Barisan Nasional's authoritarianism — racism and the one-party state.
He also gave thumbs up for the PR states, especially Selangor for having the balls to actually bar BTN, coming up with an alternative programme. He lined out how the ideal programme should be like.
Their alternative programmes should have three features. Firstly, the participation should be made voluntary, except for civil servants and bonded scholarship holders. Secondly, the programmes must be framed in a democratic framework to introduce not only Pakatan Rakyat (PR)'s position, but also the BN's position and the positions of various civil society groups. Administrative neutrality should be the guiding principle in the training for bureaucrats. Thirdly, in line with the plural content, lecturers, panellists and trainers should come from all political persuasions.
Bro WongCH called in BTD - biro tata demokrasi.

Apart from being amused by the drama of the verbal wars between the two UMNO leaders (can i still call Dr. M a leader?), I do not think there is any need for any fine-tuning/ revamp/ upgrade/what-ever for BTN.

I don't really know about BTN that others had attended, but I believed the one that I went through, personally, it was more of a summer camp than a brain-washing/propaganda program.

I can still remember my BTN participants' leader first sentence in his parting speech, beside the usual greeting and prayer.

He said,"I thought it would be a brainwashing camp, but I think the camp turns out alright."

With a preset mind that this is a brainwashing camp, most of our minds already were closed up tightly for any indoctrination.

Secondly, the lecturers, panellists and trainers constantly reminded us about their neutral stand. However, from their 'neutrality', sometimes, it was obvious that they are pro-rakyat more than pro-nasional, giving us ample time to condemn the wrongs of present national administration while ridiculing some obviously nonsense part of the module. It was like being a member of BN, and running its campaign, and during the election day, the big 'X' on the ballot paper differs.

Lecturers and trainers are afterall human, and rakyat who wanted nothing more than to live in a peaceful well-balanced country free from bitterness of racism.

BTN is flawed, at times, in a good way.


Grateful to: my dearest for the wonderful golden fried rice for my on call yesterday, and my great team of house officers which never seems to go to sleep even there's no work in the middle of the night.

P.S. Datuk Seri Nasli always seems to be exceptionally vocal when it comes to something that gotta do with 'racist'. Remember his first well-celebrated video on 'racist, racist, racist'? Could it be some kind of medical disorder?

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