Jan 27, 2010


The hardworking JM, assisting my room, yesterday dashed home, in tears. She was a known case of choriocarcinoma in remission. Yesterday, her Hcg results shown 5-digits number. Could still be an investigative error, but even so, she just couldn't hide her devastating depression. Luckily, the nice Sister let her too emergency leave till repeat Hcg on Sunday.

My specialist, Dr. M's mother hospitalized for ruptured appendicitis. She was a filial daughter, camped in hospital. Hearing from her that her mother still haven't got better, sadness and worries still linger on.

My cousin sister met with motorbike versus motorbike accidents. She was static, the other was hysterically light-speed. She was thrown up high in the sky and landed, twisting and fracturing her femur. She survived but had to taste the bitterness of using crutches for the next few months. I hope there will be no surprises in the long recovery journey.

A patient came in, miscalculated period of gestation, unconfirmed by the another. Artificial rupture membrane was performed which hasten a preterm delivery. Thank God, the baby so far doing well.

I hope at the end of the day, for the unfortunate ones, everything will turn out for the better.
I shall keep my prayers focussed, my fingers crossed and mind opened.

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