Jan 13, 2010

Giant Google damned the Green Dam

The whole is talking about China.
Global economy growth shifted to China.
China overtook Germany as the biggest exporter.

A Chinese Internet user browses Google

Everyone is beginning to look up to me.
Nah... just to set the record straight, I am a Malaysian.

Anyway, it is probably good to know that even the biggest power, or the power-to-be some can't make some censorship hold water, as Google tore down the Green Dam.

...In a head-to-head confrontation with the Chinese government, the company said that it will pull out of the country unless it is allowed to provide a totally uncensored service.

After the announcement, Google's China website immediately began to offer reports and images of the Tiananmen Square massacre and other highly sensitive events that Beijing has suppressed for decades.

The surprise move was accompanied by a signal from Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of State, that she was preparing to throw her weight behind a campaign against China's lack of free speech...

Soon enough, probably, Microsoft and Yahoo will take the similar move.

Similarly, in our sorry state of national affair, some censorship will not hold water as well.

No matter what national amendments, by-laws or enactment says so, there is probably no place for secularism in the true practice of religion.

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