Jan 19, 2010


A Spoonful of Happiness


After solving the mystery of tee-ya, Aedan gave me another riddle to solve.

Whenever I scolded him, he would listened and do things properly.

Then, he will walk up to me and call me something that sounds like 'pete-squid'...
and he would smile sinisterly...

pete-squid.. pete-squid... pete-squid.. what could it be?

Grateful to: Dr J today for allowing me to fly solo and brush up my training in completing several diagnostic lap and dyes.

Supergrateful to: all tweeterist for all the #yorais jokes. I definitely laughed my head off. my favorites were:
#yorais: me up, so I can stand on mountain AND lais so ancient, that when he farted, it was the Big Bang.

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