Jan 14, 2010

post interview discussion

Finger On You

One of those days, when you simply believe, simply know and simply wish that a good conversation can lift up your spirit after being heavily bombarded during a Master interview.

It does.

Just today, in OT, my colleagues, Han was sharing how the interview went and how the interviewers were probably trying to frighten him off.


According to him,

Interviewer: Did you get any paper published?

Han: No.

Interviewer: Well, come back next year with a paper published, ok?

Han: Err. OK.

But then again, if he was not being accepted this year, probably the interviewers were telling the truth afterall.

He was telling me how other candidates brought the journals where their articles or researches were being published to the interview. I was thinking, probably I should do that. Nah, probably not, that’s just too kiasu, even for me.

Then I told him.

“Hey, you should have told them you got yourself published in Playboy Men Magazine?”


“Then you show them the centerfold with all the bushes and … “

ROTFL (literally)

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