Jan 22, 2010

Quiz: modern kit for pregnant mothers

What is the function of this modern kit?
A. to reduce impact in case of high velocity trauma
B. to prevent abdominal fat sagging
C. to restrict baby lie to longitudinal, therefore preventing abnormal lie
D. to reduce formation of striae gravidarum
E. to be able to enjoy good MP3 music together with the baby



seahorse27 said...

F. It's just another way for business ppl to earn money knowing that modern ladies will do anything to protect their perfect figures even while trying to increase the human population.

Just my opinion...

pilocarpine said...

so, u're answer kinda close to D & B... well.. it's incorrect =)

seahorse27 said...

Har? B and D also incorrect? Cannot be C ma... just because wearing that thing can prevent abnormal lie?? So A or E? Or no answer?

pilocarpine said...

haha.. how can there be no answer..

it's E..

those circle are speakers for the baby, and
there's an extra headphone to connect to it for the mom...