Jan 25, 2010

Taiwan 1 | Footprints 4 | Lake day

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Day 4

The bright next day is the ‘lake’ day. Rumors had it that an important minister from Mainland was coming to the lake and there was a probable chance that the lake maybe closed for a certain period of time. Everyone was keeping their fingers crossed. There is a low chance of cancellation of any itinery, but high chance of postponement of certain activities and being caught in a traffic or human jam.

We treaded on. First visit of the day after our lovely breakfast was the Peacock Garden. And we marveled at several peafowls there, and enjoyed the lovely morning laze there.

White peafowl

Then we’re off to a ‘purchase’ stop, the Mao Wang’s (Mao King’s) house. He was a leader to one of the aboriginal tribe, who was crowned king by the President as both of them had facial resemblance. They were all out to trade of their honey. Yes, real honey, not the honey with legs.

Also there's a pix of our ex-PM with Mao Wang

Then we’re off to the Sun Moon lake for the lake cruise.

photobombed here.. ishks...

The boat took us to the smallest island within the lake which was the home to the smallest aborigines’ tribe, and that white deer supposed to be their mascot.

Lunch was next on the list before we stepped into the famous Wen Wu temple, which worships mainly the champion of Wen (Literate or Mental) Confucious and the champion of Wu (Martial Art or Physical) Kwan Kong. For Chinese, a person with great Wen with great Wu is close enough to perfection, kind of like a knowledgeable medical professor with good fitness level.

view of the whole lake at the temple's rooftop...

lighted a candle, made a wish...

Before we called it a day, we had a wonderful thematic dinner in a famous restaurant in Taiwan, named Wu Jiao Ban Chuan, literally translated as Fifty-cents Wooden Boat. Others preferred to call it Ghost Restaurant as the whole deco was a bit scary to outright spooky, but the food it was awesome. And you can’t refill the dessert or the drinks, kind of like limited for the night.

The most notable interior that strike me was their urinals which look a lot like the vestibule with labia minora. For a while, it was like passing urine into a giant vagina.


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