Jan 29, 2010

Taiwan 2 | Fourprints 1 | From bay to crowds

Since we were on the same flight as Darren & Shirli (D&S) we planned to go around together, but first we must get to our own pre-booked lodge, which was different.

Therefore, our first mission of the day was to get to our pre-booked backpackers in the heart of Taipei.

Wait. I think that was our second.

I think our first mission was to sleep sanely late and not wake up at 630am in the morning. Then have a slow buffet breakfast at the hotel. It was a successful first mission.

2nd mission wasn’t that difficult, either. We got there with cab, but even the driver wasn’t sure where it was. Thanks to my dearests’ eagle eye, we found the small backpacker down the lane.

We were pretty skeptical initially about what this backpacker can offer, but seriously, we were really awed by its cleanliness, its fashionable internal deco and the friendliest of staffs.

To totally add to the reasons why we’re sure to come back to this backpacker is that it is truly at the heart of the city, train, bus, MRT and everything is within walking distance.

After checking in, we’re off to meet D&S. Nevertheless, realizing my wallet grew thin, so thin that I was pretty sure if I was going to be mugged, the assailant would probably beat the crap out of me for carrying so little TWD around, so, I decided to convert more of my RM. Let’s just call this the 3rd mission. I believe, there’s a certain misery that one should bear for overspending.

I think it should be called just – mission almost impossible. There were more than 20 banks around the streets, and not one would accept the RM. And we went all bank-hunting, going north-south-east-west. And lastly we reached a bank that accepted RM, and learnt that in Taiwan, only 2 banks accept our RM – the Megabank and Bank of Taiwan. Plus, the exchange rate in Taiwan is obvious so blardy low compare to the exchange rate back home. Therefore,


There you have it. I am actually contributing to the traveling industry by giving this advice.

My dearest was probably regretting the overspending.

And soon after, we’re OFF to DAN SHUI – last stop of Dan Shui Line by MRT!

Dan shui was like some kind of bay, place to de-stress ourselves. Honestly, it was seriously a good choice of place to overspend our time, basically – respite from the rushing about tour itinery.

Message: Ladies always happier with longer..... icecream...

Eventually, we filled our tummy with the local specials.

Still in the Christmas spirit, there was this group of cutest angels with recorders. Simply adorable. No doubt their teachers put a lot of effort into it. Little aedan should go to kindies with these kind of cool activities.

Girl talk: Something to be happy about.

Seriously paktoing couple.

Probably not-so-seriously paktoing couple. (That's what usually happen after marriage)

Here’s the four of us.

Bond girls. Shirli was really holding on a major big gun.

Bubble session, as well. Just because we're pretty anonymous there. Is it a valid reason?

Before the sun sets at around 5pm, we went to Xi Men Ting, a place, almost as busy and jam-packed as Shiling market.

Xi Men Ting, a place of high fashion and probably close to the humongous large version of Bintang Walk in KL.

Our first mission of that night was to fill our tummy with Ay-Chung noodle and KuKua Juice.

And personally, I thought the name of this eatery is pretty funny. KuKu-G.

Dearest got herself the fashionable 18-wearing-ways scarves.

Yes, scarves, all 5 of them – different colour.

I think I should seriously consider grounding her after this trip.

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