Jan 31, 2010

Taiwan 2 | Fourprints 2 | Floral to floral

* delayed blog *

At last, we had come to the last day.

Although we are all exhausted and probably can’t wait to go back home and hit the sack.

We just planned to go few simple places, but probably it was serendipity, the bonus activities last day in Taiwan
was possibly like this blessed land was convincing us to stay on further.

Firstly, we visited the huge CKS Shilin Residence Park. There were lots and lots and lots of flowers, especially roses and the historical house of Chiang Kai Shek, his car and the small church where CKS and Soong Mei Ling, his 4th wife.

And we took some nice pics

And some not-so-nice perfectly scandalous pic

And then, we regretted, and went back to take nice pics...

the main difference between pro & semi pro... ...

... the camera, the models and the photographer =P

Addiction to Ay-Chung Noodle brought four of us back to the hectic streets of Xi Men Ting.

There was this celebrity-beggar... Bit short short...

Furthermore, we presented our tastebuds to other great food there, as well.

Before we left, we lined up for a free Yahoo!It’s You! personal sticker.

Almost felt like a teenager, again. Keyword: Almost.

Gotta stop fooling ourselves, but anyway, it was really hilariously enjoyable time.

Everyone is pretty hooked on the Afro-styled hair.

Also cool to sport the censored look.

Other people pics for comparison..

Then we’re off to enjoy the all natural Big Tom’s ice-cream.

And unexpected, sitting one table away diagonally behind us was the always funny Jacky Wu, seated there conversing rather seriously. We decided not to disturb him. We just paparazzied him from afar.

the guy he's with doesn't look too friendly, either.

Now, that's a bit rude, just because you owned a few cars at home.. =)

Unknown to us, somewhere nearby at the compound, there was this huge carnival, to usher in the 2010 Taipei International Floral Festival.

And it is seriously great fun!!

Big heads... probably I will have it when I see my next credit card bills...

Red house rocks!!

Pink lion... Kind of futuristic...

Mini belly dancers...

And they all grew up in a blink of the eye...

We checked out from our lodge and carpooled a hired van to the Taipei International Airport.

Because of excess baggage, I had to jump in as the emergency money changer for Darren, resulting in poverty of TWD currency.

While boringly waiting to board the plane, we pooled all our TWD

and managed to buy ourselves two packs of onion rings.

At the end, let’s just say we’re one buck short of TWD bankruptcy.

Hopefully, I won’t get an angina when I get my hands on my next credit cards’ bill.


seahorse27 said...

The pics are so beautiful but I have a request... can you snap a pic of Claire's shoes *sheepish smile*

I like her colourful shoes... snap one big big one please... pai seh out of so many of your pics, I'm very attracted to her shoes...

pilocarpine said...

actually it was our shoes that made us bankcrupt... =)

i'll try to post it up soon..