Jan 9, 2010

working for or against God?

3 infernos, and as I was writing this another happened.
It is not about the followers of one God torching up the house of another God.
It is just about people who could not respect the peace-seeking teaching of God,
but blame it on God.

Unlucky Cupid

And probably a small role, by the patron governing body, that okayed the 'healthy' venting of frustration.

And probably, the ignorance about the rightful usage of name/word of God doesn't actually belong or require permission from any quarters of executives (Cabinet or Home Minister), judiciary (court, higher court, highest court) or any religious bodies, because if it does, it would put God beneath them.

It is time for peace.

Teaching Elephant

Malaysians should be more concern of something that probably will crush our economy and actually no-stopping it at this point.


kemarias said...

your blog is funny sometimes. its not a requirement to know shit in this world but we all should try sometimes. we might know some sh...lol check u later

pilocarpine said...

oh, nice to meet u...
the fire is seriously not funny.
really hope this shit will stop.