Feb 5, 2010

WTF of the month

Can I f--- you? - the making of possibly Malaysia's biggest arsehole.

epic fail pictures

Either that or it's a rather rare psychosomatic disorder that drives an adult to strip down and don towel after being angry and afraid listening to an indecent proposal.

3D Characters
Case study, anyone?

Anyway, people all over the web is laughing their heads off reading about the course of action that led to the unfortunate alleged sodomy, but please be reminded that the media can be a tricky thing that can be rather misleading at times.

Only those who involved know about the truth, and probably should be prepared to deal with the repercussion later in life or in afterlife.

The only downside is instead of doing some serious nation-building work as political leaders, they got themselves involved in some parts of sex education.

Luckily, my Aedan is not old enough to ask me what is sodomy.

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