Mar 26, 2010

Aim Sea Aye?

The bet is on.

Chua-Kong, OngKT-Lim or OngTK.

I am not a big fan of MceeA, not even their little fan.

But then again, I got my bets behind Chua-Kong winning this race.

Detrimental to the party-building, Chua probably has the right substance.

Probably, that’s the reason his progressive rise to lead was being ‘wickedly’ held back by the video set-up to spoil his image, not only as a family man, but also as a doctor.

But he didn’t hide. The matter of fact that he didn’t sport the ‘looks like me, sounds like me, fxk like me, but not necessary me” denial somehow let him being viewed differently from other leaders of the party.

Until now, no one in the party stands up and admits their bad taste of voyeurism which doubles as the wicked plot to topple Chua. Now, that is a scary thought. Who knows who will be his/her next victim?

Anyway, Chua’s repentance is his ace in the race, and the continuous rally to degrade him as amorous adulterer without undermining his capability to run the party will only push him further up.

No matter what, he got nothing to lose anyway. But the party has everything to lose if Chua is ‘the’ one that will bring up the party better than the other candidates.

The fear of not knowing, at times is worse off than fear of failing.

Kong will win by default because there is high chance that Liow will lose. As a matter of fact, he already lost when he overspent his time dreaming of being the shocker third faction to boot out Chua and subsequently discredit TK in his bid to be on the throne. And now, he exhausted his strategies and had to tail behind KT to boost his credibility, which is not much to begin with anyway.

Now, I don’t give a d*mn who is the winner as long as someone reliable and down-to-earth is being given the portfolio of Health Minister.

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