Apr 7, 2010

cuming morning

cuming morning

- that's what my house officer wrote yesterday, instead of 'coming morning'.
Luckily, it wasn't double m for first word.

Normally it is understandable if one would write some short forms that one is familiar with for instance, 'n' for 'and', 'tnite' for 'tonight' and etc, but to commit such a misspelling twice really made me wonder (at the same time rather amused).

Another word that I found some of the house officers somehow failed to grasp is 'Caesarean', which was misspelled as Ceaserean, Cesarian, Cesarean, or etc. It further confused the juniors who actually spelled Caesarean correctly and doubt that perhaps they should have spelled it otherwise.

Fortunately, the abdominal delivery operation was named as Caesarean Section and not LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLLOGERYCHWYRNDROBWLLLANTYSILIOGOGOGOCH section. Otherwise, it would really be a very daunting task.

llanfairpwllg The Poison Preview

Below shows how to pronounce that bombastic word. Nearly breathless reading it in one go.
UK longest railway sign The Poison Preview


Anonymous said...

american english spells caesarian as cesarian. they simply omit the o and e you would otherwise find in british english.

malaysia adopts british version. hence caesarian and oesophagus.

that does not mean that one is wrong. you were incorrect.

pilocarpine said...

dear anonymous,

the matter of fact, you stated that msia adopts british version explained it all.

cesarean is still a valid term in america, but couldn't get any term with cesarian or caesarian. i take it that it is a typo error from ya.

anyway, thank you for taking an interest in this subject although being ardent of keeping ur identity anonymous.