Apr 26, 2010

tis li'l piggy iz TREZ!!!

Time flies when you're having a good life.

2 days ago was Aedan's milestone into 3 years old.

And, he's going to be a big brother soon in few months time.

Every year, on this fine day, the family will celebrate this little cheeky boy's coming to this world, while my dearest reminisces her courage and tolerance towards the painful contractions which did not went through well and the associated operative pain thereafter.

That date also reminded me about how I was 99.99% tired post call (thanks to whoever who decided to put me on active call a day before and whatever beings which endorse such arrangement) while attending to my dearest's initiation of labor induction till Aedan came into the world all naked and cute (and slightly bloody mixed with tinged of meconium).

To date, Aedan had grown to be a pretty chatty chap.

Just to look back on those 3 years, I browsed through some videos of him.

Laughing Aedan: He laughs easily and cheerful.
Whole family simply adores his laughter, every bits of it.

Walking Aedan: This was - the moment -

Aedan's first few steps was captured by my dearest as I was on call. I remembered how I was being called immediately when I was in OT and being told about this magical moment.

Strong Aedan: Once he started to walk, he aint stopping. Scary. Yes, but in a sweet way.
And then, he started to display upper body strength, pushing the cartload full of heavy groceries.

Flirty Aedan: His communicative skills got better as he befriended his cousin sisters with body language and charming smile.

Dancing Aedan: Then, he fell in love with performing arts, not the boring type, but the hip-hop R&B dance craze.

Singing Aedan: It was our (father & son) belief that children songs don't have to be a yawn, and we recorded our first jam session.

Acting Aedan: Of course, once you're obsessed with singing, you'll want to try a bit on acting. I guess he's pretty lame with the expressions and doubt he'll make it to the Big Screen.

Soon enough, he becomes a chatterbox and switches from show biz to literature-inclined interests, probably realizing that it isn't easy to earn a living in the showbiz.
And soon enough, he was hooked on story telling - Ugly Ducklings and Red Riding Hood.

He's 3 years old now. I'm sure there'll be more videos of him in the future...

Happy Birthday, Aedan!


Anonymous said...

dr low.
i heard u got master scheme..congrats!
ur boy is very cute esp singing n acting part =p ..
btw,i've safely delivered baby boy 2.75kg at 1317hrs today 17th may..now i know the real pain!
hope everything goes well for u!
thank you for everything,u'r such a good teacher!hope we'll meet again someday!- ur HO -

pilocarpine said...

my dear HO '?Nm',

thanks a lot, i'm sure ur boy will grow up well, given that he's given a lot of oxygenation from 'exercise' in running around doing good HO work, plus covering for ur lesser colleagues.

congrats to you for finally 'knowing' the real pain... guess i will never know the real pain.. huhu

thanks for your well wishes. i hope i will continue to get aspiration from good student like you to be a better teacher.

we'll meet again. dun worry, my wife delivering in SP.

happy maternity leave, as well.