Apr 1, 2010

tis o' fart

Golden Bull Fart Sculpture
Golden Bull Fart Sculpture
Golden Bull Fart Sculpture
A loud fart kills.

In the buddhist sutta, the mind precedes and controls all matter. When one truly believe in something, what they do or say will be naturally following the mind.

It was rather confusing for some when the country's 2nd-in-command openly admits racial sentiments precede national interest. And talk about bad timing, it had to come out when the whole nation (of people who actually care about reality) is having doubt about our national brand of 1malaysia actual origin.

Even in the smaller scale, all the house officers were functioning well and as responsible as possible, except for a few who decided to continue their 'legacy', believing they're victims of circumstances without realizing 'they' ARE the circumstances. I had given them a good final warning and a heart-to-heart talk. The path they will choose is entirely up them, or rather how they want to put their minds to it.

The person who constantly commit to the fact that the society had wrongly placed the redlight as the 'stop' sign will crash sooner or later. And in a horrible way, too.

Otherwise, personally, this week is a week to rejoice.

Just today, my dearest just got over her compulsory antenatal stressful blood-taking session for booking and screening for gestational diabetes. Along with April Fool, I managed to pull her leg for few hours, telling her that her postprandial glucose level was close to 10, making her gloom over the fact that her left index finger is going to be the human pin-cushion for the next 4months. ouch!

Nah! She aced the test.

I was able to pull up enough determination to follow my own exercise regime religiously for the past one week. I hope to turn it into a habit. As for now, I keep my fingers crossed.

Gained more surgical grounds, thanks to Dr. R and Dr M.
Under Dr. R's supervision, I was able to remove small tubal cyst, minor adhesiolysis and ovarian drilling successfully.
Under Dr. M's tutelage, I trailed down the entire right side of the total abdominal hysterectomy, trembling temporarily when tying up the right uterine vessels pedicle.

My hospy's bulletin decided to publish one of my old masterpiece of pantun (or leteran) which was written upon completion of the 'awesome' housemanship in medical posting. I am happy some people actually enjoyed it.

News of my successful IUIs got the clinic all hyped up. But I believe it was purely luck and in actual fact the main contribution is the patients' determination to stay away from what is bad for them - cigarette smokes, coffee and tea.

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Lastly, thanks to my penghulu MO for my strategically-placed on calls for next month, starting from the first calls of the month tomorrow.

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